Common Mistakes People Make When Replacing Devices


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We all like to think of ourselves as handy people who can tackle any electrical wiring or plumbing issue at home based on our knowledge or learning from DIY methods. However, when dealing with small electrical fixes or wiring troubles around the house, you need to understand that electrical devices are all unique. If not installed correctly, they could end up damaged, causing increased problems moving forward.

Despite the risks connected with tackling electrical issues yourself, plenty of clients address the problems and call a professional only after the situation has been worsened. In other cases, they misunderstand how a device should be installed, or function and incorrect installation leads to a malfunction.

To ensure that you face no such problems, Gard Electrical Contracting put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when replacing devices in their homes and how you can avoid them.

1. Replacing three-way switches.

This seems like the easiest task for someone to handle, but wires have to go in the proper place. One misplaced wire could cause a short circuit that requires extensive repair work. We suggest that you call your electrical contractor to get switches working correctly to keep you safe from short circuits.

2. Replacing switched outlets.

Although this seems easy, getting wires right is not simple. Call your electrical contractor for a thorough wiring. If not handled properly, you might have a short circuit, damage the device connected, or the wires in the walls.

3. Replacing light fixtures.

Very often multiple wires are running through a lightbox. When replacing a light fixture, it is easy to miss a wire thereby causing issues with the fixture. To be on the safe side, get an experienced professional to help sort this out.

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